remedial services

Our purpose is to re-establish the value of your Building. We understand the sensitivities surrounding remedial works and the difficulties and concerns homeowners and Strata Managers face when seeking to ensure your investment is protected and maintained.

To make it easier for you, we have selected from our Building Consulting Partners a team of certified and experienced consultants as part of our One Stop Shop process to completely manage your project and give you peace of mind that we have you covered.

EQ Remedial Services focuses on solutions specialising in:
• Façade renovation
• Remediation
• Waterproofing Solutions
• Internal building upgrades
• Compliance review & advice

EQ has extensive resources and Building Consulting Partners:
• Architects
• Planners
• Engineers
• BCA Compliance specialists
• Quantity Surveyors

One Stop Shop

Project Audit Report

The first step in getting your investment up to its maximum potential, is to identify the non-compliant aspects of your building and the areas that would benefit from an upgrade.

One of our team members will attend the site to investigate and identify any noncompliances and prepare the Audit Report. The report will detail the items within the building that needs upgrading to comply with current Australian Standards.

Additionally, the report will provide a solution to bring the building to compliance plus any other remedial works requiring attention.

Detailed Pricing

On completion of the report, EQR will produce a detailed estimate to carry out the works.

Quantity Surveyors Review

The estimate will be reviewed and certified by an Independent Quantity Surveyor, engaged by EQR. The Quantity Surveyor review will need to be submitted to the financier at the appropriate time, a copy of which will be made available to the committee.

Design Service

Façade Engineer
In conjunction with the Façade Engineer, Structural Engineer, and Fire Engineer a methodology and specification will be provided to reflect solutions.

Structural Engineer
The Structural Engineer’s role will be to ensure the building envelope and structure are not compromised and will comply with the current Australian Standards.

Interior Design
In the event the Body Corporate requires additional works, we will engage a consultant who can prepare a custom design to upgrade your lobbies and common area, to further enhance your valuable asset.

Approval Process

Where required, our consultants, on behalf of the committee, will submit the required applications to the relevant authorities.


As part of our One Stop Shop, we are able to introduce you to “La Strata Finance” who will arrange the required finance for strata owner’s corporations and body corporate to undertake building improvements, rectify defects, meet strata operating costs, pay insurance premiums and fund levy arrears.

La Strata will customise your loan to ensure the entire package best suits the strata committee’s needs. The loan, once approved, will provide the following benefits for the building:

• 7 to 10 year loan, subject to size of the loan • EQR will manage the funds directly from La Strata • Repairs for the façade and other building enhancements can be incorporated in the package • Owners are not required to provide personal guarantees • Turnaround of the loan can be as short as 21 days • Competitive rates • Peace of mind process

Construction Service

Once all the design, scope of works and pricing is approved by the Body Corporate, a fixed price contract will be issued for execution.

A detailed construction methodology and plan are also issued to the body corporate to ensure communication is maintained.

Works are to be carried out and completed in accordance to contract.


The final step is Certification. During constructio, the consultants engaged on your project will monitor progress and provide a final certificate confirming the execution meets all Australian Standards and quality controls.

An overall cover certificate will be provided by our nominated BCA consultant.

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